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Noam Shemesh receives prize from Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

The 200,000 Euro award will fund research targeting Parkinson’s Disease.

Since 2013, the charitable organisation Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa annually selects three research projects, led by scientists in Portugal. This year, the project of Noam Shemesh, a principal investigator at Champalimaud, was selected for one of the awards, called the Mantero Belard Prize.

According to Shemesh, the selected project focuses on Parkinson’s Disease. In particular, it aims to elucidate the relation between the molecular changes the disease induces in the brain and the symptoms patients suffer from. Shemesh’s research group will pursue this project using front of the line Imaging technology called Ultra High-Field MRI.

December 2020

Deciphering the magnetic signature of cancer

A multidisciplinary team of scientists and clinicians at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown developed a new noninvasive MRI methodology, called SPI (Susceptibility Perturbation MRI), that is able to identify whether lymph nodes have been infiltrated by malignant cells with high accuracy in rectal cancer patients. Such a characterisation can help define treatment strategy for rectal cancer patients and may have future implications for other malignancies.

April 2019

Cutting edge imaging technology at CCU

Champalimaud Research has recently implemented cutting edge imaging technology. Find out in this interview with Dr. Noam Shemesh, head of the Neuroplasticity and Neural Activity lab, what new scientific and clinical developments this new technology will bring.

May 2016